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Claims, Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation for the Construction Industry

Kaufman Dolowich is an experienced construction litigation law firm with offices in New York and New Jersey. Our construction law attorneys have more than 30 years of experience in handling complex construction claims through settlement, mediation, arbitration and litigation for both private and public improvement projects. We represent developers, property owners, general contractors, construction managers, trade contractors, material suppliers and surety companies involved in a wide scope of construction projects.

Construction Law Claims Managed By Our Construction Law Attorneys

Our construction attorneys have in-depth knowledge of claims procedures, legal requirements and damages presentations in the jurisdictions in which we practice. We understand and address key claim issues such as the legal exceptions to “no damage for delay” clauses, claim notice requirements in contracts, and measures and methods of presenting and maximizing damages claims. Our experience with claim requirements also enables our firm to effectively defend against claims. 


In the event we cannot resolve a dispute through settlement, Kaufman Dolowich construction law attorneys have decades of experience litigating or arbitrating construction disputes. Whether the matter is disputed in court or through arbitration may depend on contract requirements and/or all parties’ willingness to arbitrate. Regardless of the forum of dispute, our attorneys remain abreast of new case law and statutes that affect construction disputes.

Whether our client is an owner, general contractor, construction manager or trade contractor, our attorneys will gather the facts and most effectively present the best case to a judge, jury or arbitrator, in line with applicable law. Our legal team is prepared to resolve all types of disputes that arise from a construction project including liens, breach of contract claims, extra work claims, delay damage claims, wrongful termination claims and performance, payment and bid bond claims. Most importantly, our construction law attorneys evaluate each case on an ongoing basis so that our client can determine if and when it is in their best interest to litigate the dispute.


The process of mediation allows parties to reach an equitable agreement outside the court system. Mediation may be contractually required or can be otherwise agreed-to. Our understanding of the dispute process, the unique aspects of construction claims and methods of effective negotiation can aid in successfully resolving a case from the outset at the mediation stage. Mediation has several advantages, including:

  • Cutting costs of resolving a complaint
  • Reaching a resolution sooner
  • Preserving important business relationships

Let Our Construction Law Attorneys Evaluate Your Dispute

In many cases, clients may not know which method of dispute resolution is best for their situation. Kaufman Dolowich construction law attorneys will help you evaluate your claim and represent you in all forms of litigation. Contact our firm today. 

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