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Experienced Counsel Representing California Residents, Businesses and Governmental Entities 

As a California resident or a company doing business in California, matters of municipal law have as much to do with your legal rights as they do with your legal obligations. Residents and businesses can – and should – utilize the rights and protections afforded by city and county rules and ordinances. By knowing their rights, the people of California can uphold their civil obligations and better their communities.

Comprehensive Representation for Public Agency Law Matters Throughout California

At KD, we represent individuals and companies in all types of municipal law matters, and we do so with a commitment to the civic principles that underlie California’s municipal systems. We also serve as counsel to many local government entities. From Brown Act compliance to land use rights, and from licensing and permitting applications to litigation under the California Public Records Act, our lawyers provide advice and counsel on all matters falling within the area of municipal law.

Our services in this area include:

  • Brown Act Compliance – California’s Brown Act requires that public bodies hold meetings that are “open and public” in order to promote government transparency. It applies to counties, cities, special districts, city councils and boards, commissions, task forces, and other public agencies and legislative bodies. But, while the Brown Act’s fundamental principles are fairly straightforward, its implementation can present a number of challenges; and, if not handled appropriately, these challenges have the potential to lead to missed opportunities and disputes and litigation.
  • Open Meeting Law Compliance – In addition to the Brown Act, various other laws establish requirements for meetings held by city and county governmental entities. From public notice requirements to procedural safeguards, noncompliance with open meeting laws can often lead to legal issues as well.
  • California Public Records Act Compliance – California’s Public Records Act (PRA) is the state analog to the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). While California residents and businesses can use PRA requests to obtain various types of records, certain types of records are exempt from public disclosure. Our lawyers represent residents and businesses in seeking to obtain information under the PRA, and we also advise municipalities regarding PRA compliance and the assertion of the statute’s disclosure exemptions.
  • Land Use, Planning and Zoning – Municipal land use, planning and zoning rules and requirements both impose restrictions and afford opportunities to California residents and companies doing business in the state. We advise our clients regarding the options they have available, and we help them execute legal strategies focused on achieving outcomes that facilitate their immediate and long-term goals.
  • Other Municipal Law Matters – Our lawyers represent clients in many other aspects of municipal law as well. From regulatory and code enforcement matters to public works bidding and contracting, our experience is as broad as it is deep. We are able to assist with matters ranging from government relations and public finance to licensing, franchising and tax compliance, and we serve as both advisors and advocates for our clients to ensure that they are able to move forward with confidence. 
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