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Blockchain: Cryptocurrency foundation and the future of information management and security, Westlaw Journal

Posted Aug 9, 2018

By Marc S. Voses, partner and co-chair of the data privacy and technology services practice group, and Jeffrey S. Matty, partner, Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck, LLP in New York City.

Published in Westlaw Journal Computer & Internet – July 27, 2018

Bitcoin burst upon the scene in 2017, shining the light on a payment methodology that would spawn the birth of hundreds of new cryptocurrencies. By mid-2018, there would be close to 1,600 with a total market cap of over $250 billion.

While blockchain technology has become popularly known for being the backbone of cryptocurrencies, it also serves as the foundation for protocols that will manage and secure a broad spectrum of information in the near future. This expert analysis explores some emerging issues concerning cryptocurrencies and the fascinating new potential for storing and securing data.


Imagine you are in the possession of important information. If you place that information on a ledger (a document containing a host of information) and place the ledger in a box, you can verify the information contained on that ledger by opening the box and examining the details — and so can anyone with whom you share the ledger.

The information contained on the ledger, however, can be verified only at the time of the examination; if you make a change, it is no longer the same information that you or anyone else previously verified.

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