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American Conference Institute’s Advanced Forum on LPL – Legal Malpractice

Posted Aug 5, 2014

Event Start Date: Nov 19, 2014

Though several years removed from the fallout from the implosion of the real estate market and accompanying foreclosures and transactional failures, claims against attorneys in this space are still being filed in droves. In addition to the wave of bankruptcies, Ponzi schemes and the broader state of the economy leading to increased lawsuits against attorneys by frustrated clients, there’s also been a spike in claims being filed against attorneys during matrimonial and trusts and estates cases. Additionally, the use of e-discovery, cloud computing and social media brings new retention, network security and privacy risks. Now, more than ever, attorneys and law firms must take action to ensure that they are protected from former disgruntled clients and third parties looking to recoup losses and/ or share blame by bringing malpractice claims against attorneys.

And as the risk of legal malpractice claims rises, insurance companies that provide LPL coverage must reevaluate their underwriting and claims management procedures to ensure that they are diminishing their exposure to risk and minimizing losses.

In response, attend ACI’s LPL/Legal Malpractice conference, the highest level event on the market. With New York as a leader in the development of legal malpractice issues, ACI has put together a national faculty that will congregate at the Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue and provide novel insights and strategies on and including:

  • The Relationship Between Insurance Companies and Outside Counsel, Limiting Liability, Managing Litigation, New and Emerging Disclosure Requirements, the Claims Review Process, Evolving Case Law, and More
  • Trends in Claims, Coverage and Underwriting in the LPL Market
  • The Latest Cyber and Privacy Threats Being Faced by the Legal Community: Novel Risk Management Practices and Recent Developments in Cyber/Privacy Insurance for Lawyers
  • The Interplay Between Ethics and LPL Claims and Protecting Against Damage from Companion Ethics Cases
  • Social Media for Lawyers: Limiting Exposure to Liability and the Latest Insurance Coverage Issues Being Raised
  • Disciplinary Actions: What to Do When You Receive the Notice from Your State Bar
  • Coverage Implications for Non-Client Litigation
  • View From the Plaintiff’s Bar: Adapting Your Claims and Litigation Strategies to New and Innovative Theories Being Brought by Your Adversaries
  • A Practical Due Diligence Checklist on Preventing the Most Common Attorney Errors in Civil Litigation
  • Best Practices in Risk Management: Avoiding LPL Claims
  • Responding To The Government: When Malpractice Becomes Fraud or Deception
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